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I will have a decent bio at some point!

I'm doing one of those post every day for a year challenges at the moment and so will probably end up posting pages about random daily stuff while trying not to be too boring!

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, \o/, accents, american dad, anime, apple, ar games, art, asian food, being gay, bikers, bikes, biking, books, boys, buffy the vampire slayer, chocolate, command & conquer, computers, cooking, creepypasta, cycling, digimon, digital photography, doctor who, engrish, erotica, family guy, fanart, fanfics, final fantasy, food, friends, gay, gay marriage, gay men, gay porn, gay rights, glados, glee, gundam wing, guys, half life, half-life, halloween, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, homoerotica, homosexuality, horror, horror movies, i support gay marriage, imac, iphone, japan, japanese, japanese food, jean auel, justin cronin, kingdom hearts, kissing, legend of zelda, lgbt, livejournal, lord of the rings, mac, marble hornets, martial arts, mcfly, men, metal gear, motorcycle, motorcycles, music, musical theatre, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, nobuo uematsu, norfolk dialect, p!nk, paranomal activity, penis, photography, piano, polyamory, porn, portal, postcards, proper english, proper grammar, reading, receiving letters, resident evil, rocky horror picture show, rocky horror show, rpgs, running, sake, sarah jane adventures, saw, scary movies, science-fiction, sega, sex, sg1, sgu, shounen ai, silent hill, slash, sleeping, snow, sonic the hedgehog, soundtracks, south park, square enix, squaresoft, stephen king, survival horror, sushi, swimming, tea, the 80's, the paranormal, the simpsons, the x factor, torchwood, travelling, twitter, underwear, valve, video game music, video game soundtracks, video games, wand erection, weapons, wicked the musical, will and grace, xfactor, yamachi, yaoi, yayq, Ελληνικά, ♂♂, , 宮崎 駿, 日本語, 植松 伸夫
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